User manual for School Innovation Council Registration

Stepwise instructions for School Innovation Council Registration

Please follow the instructions given below to complete the School Innovation Council (SIC) Registration-
  1. visit SIC website at
  2. Go through the "SIC Program guidelines” available in the download section. (Direct link-
  3. For new registration- Click on “New School Registration”. Register your School for SIC. (Note that only the Principal can register for SIC).
  4. Upload the undertaking for establishing SIC on the school’s letterhead with the Principal’s seal and sign. The undertaking form format is given on the registration page.
  5. Log in and complete the formation of the council by nominating the members in various categories as per the program document.
  6. For schools, that are already registered in School Innovation Ambassador Training Program (SIATP) can directly login through the "School Login" tab with the primary email of SPOC and password "sia@2021". Update the School profile and nomination section after first login. Also upload the SIC undertaking the on school’s letterhead.
  7. On successful registration and subsequent approval by the SIC regional coordinator, the school can download the SIC establishment certificate and conduct the calendar activities.
visit School Innovation Council website at

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Note:-If school has registered earlier for School Innovation Ambassador Training Program (SIATP), then the school do not require to register for SIC again. Please use your existing SPOC email address as a user name and use password "sia@2021" to login into the SIC portal and update the details after login.
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