A leap to transform innovation landscape in Schools

Promote a learning environment where creativity, ideation, innovation, problem solving and entrepreneurship skills of students are nurtured.

About SIC

Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) has launched the School Innovation Council (SIC) program for schools across the country. The Program aims at fostering the culture of Innovation, Ideation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Design Thinking in Schools. SIC will promote out of box thinking in school education as envisioned in National Education Policy 2020. This initiative is a major tool for the implementation of recently released National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Policy(NIEPP) for schools by the union ministry of Education.

The schools will have to conduct various activities for students and teachers under SIC annual calendar plan. These activities will prepare the ground for Innovation, ideation, and prototype development contests at school, state and national levels. SIC will link schools with Innovation Councils established by MoE’s Innovation Cell at Higher Education Level to further provide exposure to school students.

The school principal has to register the School Innovation Council as per provisions of MIC given in SIC program guidelines below.

SIC Program Gudelines

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Note:-If school has registered earlier for School Innovation Ambassador Training Program (SIATP), then the school do not require to register for SIC again. Please use your existing SPOC email address as a user name and use password "sia@2021" to login into the SIC portal and update the details after login.
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